Who We Are

Puredew International

Water Dispenser & Cooler for Home & Offices

Puredew International Pte Ltd is a marketing and distribution company for Water Dispenser and Water Cooler for Home & Offices in Singapore. Our main objective is to market a wide range of water purification system to cater for customer needs. Ensuring our after-sales service stands on the FIRST PRIORITY of our policy.

Puredew International Pte Ltd has the honour to be the Distributor of the largest manufacturer of a wide range of branded Reverse Osmosis water treatment, as well as filtration water purification system in the U.S.A, Korea and Taiwan.

The purification systems offer the most cost-effective method to obtain pure drinking water for offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, homes and etc. 


Home Water Dispenser

Counter Top Hot and Cold Water Dispenser for Home with Filtration system, User Friendly with Child Safety Button for Hot Water.

Office Water Dispenser

Floor Standing Water Dispenser, Water Cooler, Counter top water Dispenser or Drinking water fountain, for Hot & Cold Water for Office.

Contactless Water Dispenser

Designed to prevent spread of viruses and bacteria through high contact surfaces. Get hands-free water coolers and foot pedal water dispensers for clean, freshly dispensed water

Digital Water Boiler

Water Boiler with Digital Controller, Child safety lock and LED system to display hot & Cold water temperature.

Beverage Machine

Beverage Machine for Hot Beverages such as coffee, tea, chocolate, soya, malt & others related flavours.

Public Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser, Water Cooler, Drinking Water Fountain, & bottle Refiller for Hot and Cold Water for Public Area.

Water Filters

Green Water Filter, Nano pH water filter & Ultra Filtration water filter with 2 to 3 filtration kit & pre and post sediment filter.