Stay hydrated with these 4 tips even if you hate plain water

Stay Hydrated With These 4 Tips Even If You Hate Plain Water

Everyone is familiar with the taste of water, and while it is reasonable to believe that no one finds an issue with drinking water, some people are just not keen on its taste or simply prefer drinking more flavourful beverages like sodas. For those that belong to this group, staying hydrated can prove challenging, which puts them at higher risk of experiencing dehydration and the many unpleasant symptoms that come with it. Thankfully, there are many things one can do to stay hydrated without water or, at the very least, make it taste better and improve its appeal on the taste buds. Below, we cover four tips to get around your dislike for plain water and maintain your body’s hydration needs.

1. Include soups in every meal

As a 92% water-based dish, most soups contain plenty of liquid and enough salt to keep the body hydrated and even retain water. The classic hot bowl of chicken soup is easy-to-prepare, comes with plenty of healthy vitamins to fulfil your daily nutrition needs and, most importantly, keeps you from dehydrating.

2. Try out coconut water

Coconut water is among the healthiest beverages you can get today and is a great way to stay hydrated apart from drinking water. Coconut water has a sweeter and more flavourful taste than plain water and provides essential electrolytes that boost energy and replace lost salts. There are plenty of coconut water recipes to choose from, allowing you to tailor them to your preferences and ensure you fulfil your daily water intake needs.

3. Drink carbonated water

Carbonated water, or sparkling water, is simply drinking water infused with carbon dioxide gas to produce a bubbly drink. This can be a rather clever way of making you forget that it’s still essentially water and possibly even help you develop the habit of increasing your water intake. Carbonated water is widely available in supermarkets, or you can make one at home by investing in a sparkling water maker for an unlimited supply.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables with high water content

Fruits and vegetables with high water content, such as oranges, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, watermelons, leafy greens, and so on, are the next best thing that will keep you hydrated (and provide you with healthy vitamins and minerals to boot) if you are averse to plain water. Of course, they are not a complete replacement for drinking water, but they can provide a great hydration boost for those days when you really don’t feel like drinking ordinary water.


Given how many people avoid healthy foods despite knowing it’s good for them, it should be no surprise that this aversion can also apply to everyday drinking water. Whether it is due to taste preferences or other reasons, overcoming one’s dislikes is easier said than done. The alternatives discussed above can prove helpful in keeping you stay hydrated.

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