Why Drinking Water Should Be Part Of Your Bedtime Routine

Why Drinking Water Should Be Part Of Your Bedtime Routine

Everyone knows the importance of drinking water daily. However, not all reach this daily nutrition goal for various reasons, from choosing more exciting drinks like sodas and juice to simply being too busy to notice. If you are one of these people, drinking a glass of water is also unlikely to be a part of your bedtime routine. But seeing as this quick and simple pit stop for a drink before hitting the bed offers plenty of potential benefits, you may consider making it a habit as soon as today.

1. Stay hydrated throughout the night

As we sleep, our bodies continue to operate and lose water through sweating and respiration. Thus, drinking a glass of warm water before going to sleep ensures your hydration levels remain in tip-top shape. If you notice you did not get enough water during the day, this hydration routine before bed can help replenish your body’s lost fluids. 

A 2014 research study looked into the effects of water deprivation on humans and noted its adverse impact on our mood and, consequently, our overall sleep-wake cycle. The study involved two test groups: people who habitually drank plenty of water and those with lower water intake. The former had their water consumption reduced, giving way to results showing that they were not as calm as they usually are and experienced fewer positive emotions. In contrast, the latter saw an increase in positive emotions, serenity, and contentment when they had higher water consumption.

3. Detoxifies the body as a natural cleanser

Water is key to enabling the natural processes that rid our bodies of unwanted toxins as it increases blood circulation, which aids the body in breaking down waste and increasing sweat output. In addition, it can also contribute to relieving stomach pain or cramping. Thus, drinking water before bed (especially warm or hot water) is one of the basics that aid any other detoxifying medicines and lifestyle habits you may have and enhance your digestion.

A Potential Downside to Note

If you drink plenty of water in one go before, you already know how it can cause you to urinate more frequently. Thus, doing the same before bedtime may lead to interrupted sleep as the call of nature rouses you from slumber. Even though urine output decreases at night to allow for that solid six to eight hours of rest, drinking too much water can counteract its effect.

Other factors influence our sleep and our urinary cycle, such as age. The older we get, the more sensitive our bladder becomes and the increased number of trips to the bathroom at night. Therefore, it may be best to stick to one glass of water at most before bed to avoid disrupting your sleep cycle and drink more during the day to fulfil your daily needs. A good sign you’re dehydrated is if your urine is darker. It will be clear or pale yellow if you get enough fluids.


While there are merits to drinking water before catching some Z’s, it may be inconvenient if it forces you out of bed just to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Therefore, it’s better to fulfil your hydration needs throughout the day and not at the last minute before bedtime.

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