4 Considerations In Selecting A Public Water Dispenser Unit

4 Considerations In Selecting A Public Water Dispenser Unit

In this age where bottled water products and various beverages are widely available, many may question the need for public water dispensers. Nonetheless, there are several key reasons why they remain a must in commercial properties and other outdoor establishments, such as promoting the well-being of their visitors and occupants.

Unlike most refreshments for sale, public water dispensers provide safe, cool, and filtered water to any and all, at any time, and free of charge. They have high efficiency, minimal water consumption, and feature automatic shut-off to conserve resources. Thus, we have collated the following information to help you choose the right public water dispenser in Singapore for your outdoor needs.

Water Quality

Testing your water for contaminants takes top priority. Lead from old plumbing systems in some areas has led to distrust and avoidance of public water dispensers. Thankfully, these contaminants can be easily filtered out via point-of-use filters and other purification technologies. As such, determine the contaminants in a location’s water supply (if there are any) and choose the appropriate water dispenser with the right filtration and purification technologies to remove them. Also, make a point of these technologies near your water dispenser to reassure people of the safety of the water.

Accessibility Compliance

Accessibility compliance, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design in the USA, is present in any country and will generally have standards regarding public water dispensers and drinking fountains to ensure they are accessible to all. Most buildings need compliant water dispensers that meet certain height and clearance requirements, but the specifics can vary. Moreover, there may be different criteria for adults and children, so it may be better to choose models that meet the requirements of both.

Fountain Design and Materials

Fountain Design and Materials

In most cases, the materials of a water dispenser are largely aesthetic and will depend on one’s taste and design preferences. However, for beach settings, it is best to go for a dispenser made of stainless steel as it has high resistance against corrosion from salt water in the air. Other design considerations include maximising efficiency and minimising efficiency costs, in which case choosing multi-station drinking water fountains are the best choice. These units come with two or more bowls or water spouts and serve multiple people at once. Others also come with a bowl for pets to ensure everyone gets properly hydrated.

Location Considerations

The chosen location for a drinking water fountain often dictates what type of unit is the best option as per the available space, ideal mounting installation, potential nearby hazards like doors, drainage system used, and so on. For the most part, property owners will choose between surface mount or direct bury drinking fountains depending on a given location’s plumbing. Surface mounting units are essentially connected to a plumbing system near the surface, while direct bury ones are buried underground to connect with subterranean plumbing.


Due to the risk of microplastics, access to safe drinking water is a universal right that everyone has. Thus, public water dispensers are an essential component that many commercial properties and outdoor locations should have to ensure visitors and occupants can hydrate free of charge whenever they need to.

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