Singapore Water Purifier Dispenser faqs


Yes, PureDew is a Singapore brand. Established in 1997, PureDew has been providing a wide variety of water purifications systems and water dispensers to suit different needs and premises. 

Yes, our showroom is located at 10 Bukit Batok Crescent #08-02, The Spire, Singapore 658079. If you’d like to arrange for a product demonstration, please contact us here.

Product Information

Yes. PureDew offers water dispensers with water filtration systems to ensure the water that you drink at home, in the office or on commercial property are clean and purified of impurities and contaminants.

We offer a variety of dispensers to suit different needs and premises as well as budget and style preferences. Please click here to view options for your office pantry.

Yes, our water dispensers dispense hot water between 80 to 90°C and cold water between 4 to 7°C.

For home and office use, there are countertop water dispensers, under-counter water dispensers and standing water dispensers. You may click on the products and view product specifications for relevant information.

For commercial use, we will provide consultation to determine which model suits your needs and premises.

All of PureDew’s home and office water dispensers must be connected to a water supply which will be installed by our service team.

As such, the water dispensers do not have a tank that need to be manually refilled regularly. However, some models do contain a reservoir tank to hold water in the event water supply is disrupted.

PureDew offers four different filtration systems for our water dispensers.

    • Standard Filtration System
    • Nano-pH Filtration System
    • Ultraviolet Technology Filtration System
    • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration System

The purpose of each filtration system is to provide you with the purest and cleanest drinking water. However, different systems can also provide enhanced benefits to your health and well-being.

Learn about the different filtration systems here.

PureDew water dispensers are designed to be fuss-free and long-lasting. Under normal use, there will be no need for any maintenance. However, filters should be changed yearly.

All home water dispensers (purchased for a home address) come with a FREE 12-month warranty with 1 FREE filter change on/ by the 12th month. 

To learn more, click here. You can purchase the replacement water filters here.

Water dispensers typically need between 0.3 and 1.2 kWh of energy per day to obtain cold water, while it consumes approximately 2.8 kWh of energy per day to obtain both cold and hot water. 

Based on Singapore’s recent electricity tariff at 25.44 cents per kWh*, the estimated electrical consumption of PureDew’s water dispenser will cost you an average of 21 SGD** per month.

*Based on Singapore’s household electricity tariff, before 7% GST.
**Calculation made based on Singapore’s National Environment Agency website.

You do not need to switch off the water dispenser. However, it is recommended to switch off the water dispenser when these situations occur:

    • During initial installation
    • Cleaning the unit
    • Heading away on vacation
    • Freezing water temperatures
    • Hot water flows
    • Low water supply

Source: https://waterpurificationguide.com/6-reasons-to-switch-off-your-water-purifier-everyone-should-know/


For home and office water dispensers, simply look for the product you want and click on the “Add to Cart” button. Upon payment, your order will be processed, and arrangements will be made to deliver and install your water dispensers within 3 – 5 working days.

For commercial properties, please look for the product you’re interested in and click “Request Quote”. A sales consultant will be in touch with you within 1 working day.

For home and office water dispensers that are bought online, GST is included in the product price. For commercial properties, GST will be added to the overall order cost.

For all online orders for home and office, we accept payments made through all major credit cards. For commercial properties, orders will be billed accordingly.

All home water dispensers (purchased for a home address) come with a FREE 12-month warranty. During these 12 months, labour costs and parts are covered by the warranty. If necessary, we will provide a one-to-one replacement of your water dispenser if it has any unresolvable issues.

Delivery and Installation

No. Currently, we only serve and ship to Singapore.

Upon receiving your paid order, a customer service officer will contact you within 1 working day to arrange delivery and installation. Your order will be delivered within 3 – 5 working days.

Our delivery and installation in Singapore are costed at 150 SGD. But it is currently FREE with every purchase.

On the delivery date, our service team will have to connect the water dispenser to a water source. Drilling and piping/ wiring will be involved if the water supply and power point are not located where the water dispenser is to be installed.

The free installation includes up to 3 metres of piping (flexible tubing) to connect the water dispenser directly to your water point. There is a surcharge of $10 for each additional metre of piping.


For water dispensers for office and commercial properties, ad hoc or regular serving can be scheduled based on your needs. Servicing sessions will include changing the filters, cleaning, flushing, and performing a general maintenance check on the water dispensers.

No, you do not need to do anything. We will record your details based on your order and subsequent delivery & installation date.

The FREE 12-month warranty and servicing package is available at a special offer price upon purchase of any water dispenser for a home address.

With this package, the warranty period of your home water dispenser will be 12 months. During these 12 months, labour costs and parts are covered by the warranty. If necessary, we will provide a one-to-one replacement of your water dispenser if it has any unresolvable issues.

Home water dispensers have much lower usage than water dispensers for office or commercial properties. As such, the free warranty for 12 months is provided with 1 free water filter change. The filters only need to be changed yearly.

For water dispensers for the office and commercial properties, they will require more ad hoc servicing and changing of water filters depending on how heavy the usage is.

After-sales services

We have an in-house team of customer service officers and technicians to provide after-sales service and technical support to all our customers in Singapore. Please click here to contact our support.

Contact us here or leave a review on the product page of your purchased water dispensers.