Commercial Filtered Water Dispenser


Commercial Filtered Water Dispenser

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There is nothing more frustrating for visitors to a sporting venue, gym or commercial property than not being able to locate an accessible drinking water fountain. This is especially so in the extreme local heat and humidity – Singapore’s year-round endless summer weather makes it even more important to have commercial water bottle filling stations readily available.

Schools usually have drinking fountains and bottle fillers, installed because staying hydrated is crucial. Other business settings, such as workplaces, gyms, and other common restroom areas, are also excellent places to install drinking water fountains. Given that many people nowadays are more active than in previous generations, it is crucial for people in these facilities to have access to clean drinking water in order to stay hydrated. Simply put, a commercial drinking water fountain can help prevent excessive sweating and dehydration by ensuring that visitors have access to clean and filtered water. Moreover, they are also an excellent way to promote bottle recycling and reduce plastic waste.

Here at PureDew, we offer a range of commercial dispensers for various settings. No matter if you are looking for a wall-mounted commercial water bottle filling station, a classic drinking fountain, or even a drinking fountain with bottle filler, our range of water dispensers in Singapore is renowned for their ability to withstand busy environments with high-traffic.

So, if you are working in the leisure, educational, industrial, healthcare, or public sectors and are looking for a commercial water bottle filling station or a drinking fountain with bottle filler in Singapore, have a browse through our collection today!