Drinking Water Fountains: Why And Where They Are Needed

Drinking Water Fountains: Why And Where They Are Needed

The invention of public drinking water fountains stemmed from the temperance movement in the USA, a social effort that promoted abstaining from alcohol consumption. Over the years, they continued to grow in popularity and became a mainstay in nearly every public setting, from parks and shopping malls to schools, hospitals, and more. Although drinking water is more accessible than ever and can be bought from nearby stores, why are drinking fountains still necessary today? Below, we go over the main reasons why public drinking water fountains are still a must today and the common places that require them.

Why Commercial Properties Need Drinking Water Fountains

Hydration is among the main reasons the public needs access to drinking fountains. Some people are not fond of bringing along their own water, bottled water products may be unavailable at times, or the need for a quick water refill are only a few examples that support the availability of drinking fountains. Apart from caring about the public’s well-being, there are more significant reasons to install water fountains in commercial properties.

1. Compliance

Federal, state, and other governing authorities in most nations require drinking fountains in certain residential and commercial buildings. Compliance with these laws is the most important reason to have a public water dispenser in Singapore, and the required number of units according to occupancy. Accessibility is another requirement apart from availability. People with disabilities and small children should be able to easily reach the fountains, hence the need to include a few specialised units like ADA-compliant fountains that have a specific height and knee clearance to serve these users.

2. Sustainability

Millions of plastic bottles end up in landfills each day due to the grab-and-go mentality of today’s society, further exacerbating global pollution issues. The widespread availability of drinking water fountains helps curb this problem as people can easily get their hydration needs for free and promotes reusable containers instead of single use bottled water products.

5 Locations That Need Drinking Water Fountains

1. Educational institutions

Educational facilities like primary schools, colleges and universities, and other higher education institutions should have drinking water fountains, preferably with bottle-filling faucet. This encourages students to opt for healthy drinking water instead of other beverages filled with calories, sugar, caffeine, and other unhealthy ingredients.

2. Parks and recreational areas

Outdoor recreational areas such as parks, campgrounds, municipal trails, and others are high-traffic and ideal locations for drinking water fountains. They are best placed along trailheads or the exteriors of outdoor structures for ease of use and convenience.

3. Shopping malls and retail complexes

Shopping can be an exhausting and dehydrating experience. As such, having public water fountains available at every corner lets shoppers quickly hydrate without spending a dime and encourages them to stay longer and shop more.

4. Airports, bus terminals, and train stations

Public drinking water fountains are commonplace in these locations to ensure travellers can hydrate and refill their water containers for the journey ahead.

5. Gyms and sports arenas

As places with high activity, gyms and arenas will naturally have dehydrated people looking to quench their thirst. Public drinking water fountains keep them refreshed and hydrated so they can keep pushing on with their intense exercises.


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