How Investing In A Water Purifier Benefits Your Home

How Investing In A Water Purifier Benefits Your Home

Water is a mainstay resource that no modern household can live without, be it for their consumption or daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, and more. When it comes to the former, families can choose from several options available, such as straight from the tap or bottled water in gallons. However, these sources are not always consistent when it comes to safety, which is why many are switching to a water purifier/dispenser for home instead for some much-needed peace of mind. Remember, drinking water largely contributes to our health as the body’s major systems depend on it to carry out their functions and survive. For this reason, water purifiers are gaining popularity, and below are the main benefits it brings to families who choose to invest in one for their home.

1. Enjoy a steady supply of the safest drinking water for your family

Despite water treatment systems adhering to the strictest regulations, there remains the risk of unforeseen system failures and external contamination that can compromise water safety. This is more so an issue in the pipelines connecting the treatment plant and the household, where old piping systems can accumulate a build-up of contaminants over time or get damaged unexpectedly, allowing pollution and residue to seep in and affect the water supply.

When it comes to bottled water, the risk from this sort of unexpected contamination is much less likely, but that doesn’t mean they are much safer, either. For one, they are more prone to microplastic contaminants due to the material of their containers (check out our article on the risks of microplastics). As you may already know, plastic is a non-biodegradable material that takes hundreds to thousands of years to decompose on its own and tends to degrade into smaller pieces that can be as small as five millimetres in diameter.

In contrast, water purifiers provide a steady supply of safe drinking water thanks to their advanced purification via a combination of filtration methods that remove both organic and inorganic contaminants, no matter if they are as small as only a few microns. In addition, key features such as tankless technology prevent another form of contamination that commonly occurs in bottled water dispensers when there is a lack of regular maintenance. By not relying on storage tanks to produce hot or cold water, modern water purifiers avoid the risk of bacteria build-up that can take place due to negligence.

2. Generate significant cost-savings in the long run

The combined fees from buying bottled water for the household’s daily consumption and its main water service can mean a higher total water bill. The delivery fee for the bottles can also add up to more yearly expenses. Despite being a one-time investment, a water purifier can generate big cost savings in the long run and recoup the initial cost by using the home’s existing water supply, which is much more affordable than bottled water refills.

3. Discover quality-of-life improvements around your water consumption

Besides advanced safety features, modern water purifiers also come with technological improvements that improve one’s drinking water experience, such as precise temperature controls, automated pipeline cleaning, proximity sensors, and more.

Sophisticated temperature controls mean instant hot or cold water on demand and in-between water temperatures for specific beverages like baby formula, coffee, tea, and more, making it more convenient to prepare your favourite drinks. Some water purifier systems come with automated cleaning features that routinely sterilise their inner pipes to ensure unparalleled safety, and proximity sensors allow them to only run their heating/cooling functions when users are in the room, allowing for greater energy efficiency and lower electricity bills.


Safe drinking water is indispensable to our health and survival, so opting for the best source is well worth the investment. As discussed above, modern water purifiers are unparalleled when it comes to producing the safest drinking water on demand.

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