SNOWDROP Touch (Black) Digital Water Cooler Singapore

This stylish Black digital water cooler is ideal for commercial use and can be easily installed anywhere for everyone’s convenience.

Product Features

Order this elegant SNOWDROP Touch (black) digital water cooler Singapore for commercial use from PureDew International Pte Ltd.

The PM-1123T is a plumbed in type digital water dispenser that has a touch panel control with a single water out for hot, warm & cold water.

This stylish digital water dispenser is ideal for commercial use and can be installed anywhere for everyone’s convenience.

SNOWDROP Touch water cooler is produced by one of the largest water dispenser and water filtration system manufacturers in Taiwan.

The Touch series is well-known for its durability and high functionality. It stores and dispenses hot, warm and cold water with a safety lock for hot water.


Purchase SNOWDROP Touch (black) digital water cooler Singapore and enjoy free delivery and installation in Singapore worth SG$150.

The free installation includes up to 3 metres of piping (flexible tubing) to connect the water dispenser directly to your water point. There is a surcharge of $10 for each additional metre of piping.


All water dispensers for offices and commercial properties (purchased for an office address) come with a 12-month warranty on electrical and mechanical parts.

See more details on the warranty and after-warranty servicing here.

Product Functions

    • Touch panel control, single water outlet for hot, warm and cold water.
    • Heat exchange system: cool down warm & cold water after boiling. User will not drink un-boiled water.
    • If warm water is overheated, the system will stop warm water temporarily to protect user from drinking too hot water. The temperature can be set manually.
    • Intelligence water supply control.
    • LED digital display Cold, Warm & Hot water temperature.
    • LED Indicator Light.
    • Big drip tray design; elegant design and easy to clean.
    • Adjustable screw design on the machine feet.
    • Front lower panel can be removed easily. It is convenient for maintenance.
    • The frame is made by 304 stainless steel. It is strong, durable and rustproof.
    • Blue light guide for drinking water. It eases to drink water at night.
    • Reboiling function to allow user to reboil the water manually (1 minute).
    • Filters are optional: without filters; with 3 stages disposable filters: 5 micron PP fiber x 1, UDF activated carbon x 1, CTO activated carbon x 1.
    • RO filtration system is optional.
    • Special coating outer case, rust-resistant and easy to maintain.
    • Black or white colour.

Safety Design

    • Safety lock key avoids children scalded by hot water
    • Water leakage detection
    • Prevent empty burning while lack of water
    • Automatically shuts down power while overheating or leakage
    • Smart filter replacement reminder

Quality Assurance

    • Stainless steel heating tube to enjoy quality drinking water
    • R-134a environmentally friendly refrigerant
    • Heat-resistant silicon tube and stainless-steel tube with food grade, in line with international standards
    • High-efficiency LG compressor

Water Temperature

    • Hot – 90-95 °C
    • Warm – 40-55 °C
    • Cold – 6-10 °C


    • 425(W) x 455(D) x 1370(H)mm


    • Heating – 750W
    • Cooling – 160W

Water Tank Capacity

    • Hot – 10L
    • Warm – 7.9L
    • Cold – 3L

Water Tank Capacity (Full Tank)

    • Hot – 18L/hour
    • Warm – 16L/hour
    • Cold – 13L/hour

Water Tank Capacity (Continuous Use)

    • Hot – 8L/hour
    • Warm – 8L/hour
    • Cold – 10L/hour

Filters Replacement Cost (Per Unit) – SG$200

    • 3 Stages Disposable Filters – 5M PP Fiber, UDF Activated Carbon filter & CTO Activated Carbon Filter
    • Recommended replacement every 6 to 9 months


    • ONE Year Standard Warranty on Electrical & Mechanical Parts

Payment Method

    • Cash/Cheque On Delivery

Delivery Duration

    • 60 Days

Country of Origin

    • Taiwan

* All prices quoted above are inclusive of delivery, labour and exclusive of 7% GST
** PureDew Water Fountain System comes with a one year warranty on parts, service and maintenance.
Warranty does not cover filters.


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