Water Dispensers Vs Water Purifiers: Which Is Better For You?

Water Dispensers Vs Water Purifiers: Which Is Better For You?

When it comes to safe drinking water, most people think of water dispensers in Singapore for their homes, offices, and other commercial properties. These appliances are a mainstay in just about every household around the world and have long been the go-to option for families looking to satisfy their daily drinking water needs. However, as water purification technology progressed and became commercially available, another option entered the market in the form of water purifiers. If you are choosing between the two and are wondering what their differences are, read on to learn more.

What Are Water Dispensers?

Water dispensers produce drinking water and can sit on a countertop or be free-standing. For most people, the typical image of water dispensers that come to mind is those in office settings where they use replaceable bottled water as their source. But nowadays, some water dispensing appliances can directly connect to a building’s main water supply.

Water dispensers typically have the bare minimum when it comes to features such as water filters for added safety and a set hold and cold-water temperature output. For bottled water dispensers, they use water tanks that separately heat and cool the water and store them for use. Since it takes a while to get water at the right temperature, there will be times when users have to wait until the water tanks are refilled with their desired water temperature.

What Are Water Purifiers?

Unlike water dispensers, water purifiers are almost always designed to use an existing water line to ensure a continuous drinking water supply without any need for refills. Moreover, as its name implies, water purifiers come equipped with a combination of purification technologies—including distillation, UV, reverse osmosis, and more—to remove all biological and non-biological contaminants in the water.

Modern water purifiers are similar to water dispensers in form factor, with most models ideal for countertop use. However, newer ones also separate the actual dispensing unit and the purification system so that the former can be sleeker and more low-profile. Nonetheless, all water purifiers typically come with additional and enhanced features such as precise temperature control and aesthetic design innovations like intuitive screen controls, IR sensors, and more. For the purification system, these improvements include tankless technology and automatic pipe cleaning and sterilising that makes maintenance less of a hassle.

Overview of The Pros and Cons of Water Dispensers and Water Purifiers


Water purifiers are undoubtedly more convenient than traditional bottled water dispensers in all respects, mainly for the lack of replacing empty water bottles and always-available hot or cold water. This is thanks to their direct water supply and tankless technology that allows for continuous hot and cold-water output as long as the main water line is active.

With that said, since bottled water dispensers rely on an external source, they can always output safe drinking water regardless of whether the main water line is active or not. This makes them ideal for places with no access to such plumbing as they are the only choice for a more convenient way of accessing drinking water.


Water dispensers typically require regular maintenance to ensure optimal safety, especially in their water tanks. If upkeep is neglected, bacteria and other contaminants could build up in the tanks over time, compromising the otherwise safe drinking water from the bottled source.

In contrast, water purifiers usually only need minimal maintenance in the way of filter replacements every 6-12 months or depending on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Their improved purification system and the features mentioned previously help to keep it clean at all times and avoid the build-up of contaminants in the pipes.

Water Quality

For the most part, both water dispensers and water purifiers provide the same safe drinking water. With that said, the former has an inherent risk of microplastic contaminants, given the use of plastic bottle containers. Thankfully, this can be easily mitigated by using water filters rated for removing microplastics.

On the other hand, the robust and comprehensive purification system of water purifiers ensures your drinking water is 100% safe at all times without having to do anything else. Moreover, some models offer different types of water, such as alkaline and hydrogen water, for those interested in trying alternatives.


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