How To Choose The Right Dispenser For Your Commercial Property

How To Choose The Right Dispenser For Your Commercial Property

Water is an essential resource that is crucial to our daily lives.

Access to clean drinking water is essential for both customers and staff in a commercial setting. For this reason, picking the ideal water dispenser for your commercial property is of utmost importance.

However, finding the perfect fit might be challenging due to the abundance of options on the market. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of choosing the best water dispenser for your commercial property and empower you to make a decision that is tailored to your unique requirements.

1. Determine your needs

Assessing your water consumption needs is the first step in choosing the best water dispenser for your commercial property.

Take into account the daily consumption patterns of the dispenser as well as its busiest periods. A different kind of dispenser could be needed in a workplace with a small team of staff than in a busy restaurant or a big corporate structure. You may select a dispenser with the right capacity to match the demand by being aware of your water consumption demands.

There are many different types of water dispensers, each with unique features and advantages. The two main types of dispensers frequently used in commercial settings are bottled water dispensers and bottle-less dispensers.

  • Bottled water dispensers: These dispensers are appropriate for areas with sporadic or unreliable access to a water source. Bottled water dispensers offer flexibility, but they also require a place to store the bottles and frequent bottle deliveries.
  • Bottle-less water dispensers: These dispensers are directly connected to the main water supply, eliminating the need for bottles. They frequently contain internal filtration systems that clean and purify the water, making it safe to drink. For properties with constant and high water demand, bottle-less dispensers are a practical and economical choice.

3. Consider filtration options

If you opt for a bottle-less water dispenser, it’s important to consider the filtration capabilities. To ensure that the water is free of pollutants, odours, and unpleasant tastes, look for a dispenser that has cutting-edge filtering technology. For instance, reverse osmosis systems and activated carbon filters may provide high-quality drinking water that tastes better overall and is free of harmful contaminants.

4. Assess additional features

Water dispensers can provide a variety of extra functions that go above and beyond their basic functioning to improve convenience. Some important aspects to think about are:

  • Maintenance and service: Check the manufacturer’s warranty, service availability, and ease of maintenance for the chosen dispenser. For maximum performance and longevity, routine maintenance, such as filter changes and cleaning, is crucial.

5. Check out reviews

Before making a final decision, take some time to read customer reviews. Real-world experiences and feedback can offer insightful information on the effectiveness, dependability, and user satisfaction of various water dispensers.


To sum up, you may select a water dispenser that not only offers easy access to clean and refreshing water, but also satisfies the needs of your commercial property by following these steps and taking your unique requirements into consideration.

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