Water Purifiers: The Truths Behind What Many People Get Wrong

Water Purifiers: The Truths Behind What Many People Get Wrong

Given that over half of the human body is made up of water (roughly 60% on average) and uses it for a wide range of essential functions, it is clear why water is such an indispensable component of our survival. Thus, anything less than safe drinking water could lead to many severe yet avoidable illnesses. In today’s modern society, drinking water is more easily accessible than ever, with several options available, from bottled water to a countertop water dispenser for home. When it comes to the latter, people still hold many misconceptions about them and doubt the necessity and value they offer. As such, we uncover the truth behind these misconceptions and let people understand why they are the best choice for the safest drinking water.

1. Purified water lacks essential minerals beneficial to health

As a refresher, water purifiers typically use strong filters that combine multiple filtration methods to remove all kinds of particulates in water, which includes the essential minerals it may have. Despite this, the loss is insignificant as the trace minerals are not enough to greatly impact our recommended daily nutritional requirements. This is because the total minerals gained from drinking eight glasses of water daily, as per the recommended daily intake, hardly compares to a slice of bread. Therefore, those keen on consuming the recommended amount of nutrients and minerals are better off optimizing their diet with nutrient-rich foods.

2. DIY filters are more than enough

DIY and off-the-shelf filters may prove effective at removing certain contaminants, but they are unlikely to catch everything else, such as chemicals and other impurities at the microscopic level. In comparison, the filters in water purifiers use a combination of advanced and scientifically proven filtration materials and techniques (such as carbon filters and UV filtration) to provide a comprehensive solution that eliminates all organic and non-organic contaminants in the water, no matter how small they may be.

3. Boiling water is sufficient to ensure its safety

Boiling water is a long-proven way of removing harmful microorganisms in the water, but it is a lengthy process that takes around 20 minutes or longer for it to be effective. Not only is it inconvenient for today’s standards, but its efficacy is also limited to just organic contaminants, meaning other impurities like microplastics, chlorine, suspended solids, and many others are left untouched. Modern water purifiers have made this filtration process much quicker and more efficient via UV sterilisation and pair it with other filtration techniques for an all-encompassing filtration solution that produces 100% contaminant-free drinking water.

4. All TDS is harmful

Total dissolved solids (TDS) are a common particulate that can potentially be found in water. However, when it comes to TDS in drinking water, most people only think of harmful impurities, not essential minerals. According to the IS 10500 Drinking Water specification, TDS levels of up 900mg/L are acceptable and safe for consumption. Therefore, focusing on the kind of TDS in water is more important than the TDS level, as well as ensuring drinking water is free of all harmful chemical impurities like arsenic, fluoride, and other artificial compounds.


Securing a steady supply of the safest drinking water is vital to our continued health and survival. Although bottled water and other options can suffice, a water purifier is undoubtedly the best option for consistent and reliable pure drinking water for the household.

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