3 Benefits Of Upgrading To A Bottle-less Water Dispenser

3 Benefits Of Upgrading To A Bottle-less Water Dispenser

From the average household and commercial property to offices everywhere, bottled water dispensers are the most common source of drinking water for most people today due to their simplicity and ease of use. Although functional and serves their purpose well, bottled water dispensers are not without their flaws, and there are now much better ways to get healthier and safer drinking water. Below are some of the benefits gained from making the switch to bottle-less countertop water dispensers.

1. More convenient and simpler maintenance

As many would agree, maintaining bottled water dispensers can be rather tiresome. Not only does the user need to periodically lug heavy gallons of water and lift them when replacing empty bottles, but they also have to frequently clean the dispenser’s tanks to avoid bacteria build-up.

Modern water dispensers do away with these maintenance difficulties by using the household’s uninterrupted water supply and purifying it to produce safe and healthy drinking water at all times. In addition, most water dispensers on the market also come with various features that improve the users’ drinking experience, such as instant heating and cooling, multi-stage temperature control, hydrogen water dispensing, and more. The only maintenance needed at most is a periodic replacement of the filters used in the filtration system to ensure constancy in the water quality all year round.

2. Top-notch protection against harmful contaminants

There are many harmful consequences to drinking contaminated water, hence the importance of drinking only 100% potable water for our daily needs. Contaminants range from organic, like viruses and bacteria, to non-organic such as toxic metals, chemicals, total dissolved solids, and more.

Bottled drinking water is generally safe from these substances, but they are vulnerable to another type of contaminant: microplastics. Given that the bottles used to hold this type of drinking water are usually made of plastic, there is the risk of consuming the plastic toxins that could leach into the water over time. There have been many studies around Bisphenol A or BPA (a chemical compound used in manufacturing various plastics) and other plastic toxins and the hazards they pose to human health, which include liver damage, kidney damage, and all sorts of cancers.

By being a direct pipe-in solution that connects to the home’s existing water source, bottle-less water dispensers offer much greater protection against these plastic hazards in drinking water.

3. A more economical choice

Although the cost of frequent refills seems insignificant when viewed in isolation, they all pile up to a significant amount after years of refills which adds on top of the household’s water utility bill. This is not the case with bottle-less water dispensers, as it allows families to secure safer drinking water, get the most out of their water supply, and ultimately consolidate their water bills into one. Moreover, there is also the fact that the existing water supply is arguably less expensive than bottled water refills.


Pure and safe drinking water is a necessity for our health and survival. The bottled water option is certainly sufficient for the needs of most people, but its simplicity means it lacks the many advantages of its bottle-less counterpart. As such, upgrading to a bottle-less water dispenser is undoubtedly something to consider if you are looking for the safest and more economical source of pure drinking water.

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