How Water Cooler Dispenser Works (3 Types of Home Dispensers)

This article will look at water cooler dispenser and the different types of water dispensersIt is important to educate yourself about water dispensers as a consumer.

Many water dispensers are very expensive, so choosing the right one is crucial to your wallet as well as your health.

What is a Home-based Water Cooler Dispenser?

A water cooler dispenser is a product that aims to deliver clean water into your home. Water dispensers are often placed in an office kitchen or break room area, but they can also be purchased for home use.

Most of the home-based water dispensers are small as they serve a family unit in general. There are also additional functions like hot water dispensing and auto-cleaning functions.

Some water dispensers may also include water filter cartridges to remove contaminants from water and make water safer for drinking.

There are 3 types of home-based water cooler dispensers discussed below:

Countertop Water Dispenser

Countertop water cooler dispensers are water coolers that sit on the counter. They are best suited for small families.

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Pros of Countertop Water Dispenser

The countertop water dispensers are generally small and can be placed in the kitchen or any countertop. They may come in a range of different designs and colors, which will undoubtedly complement your home environment.

Cons of Countertop Water Dispenser

As the countertop water dispensers are usually smaller, it is less suitable for larger families. Water cooler dispensers also run on electricity, so that it may create a burden for some families.

Standing Water Dispensers

Standing water cooler dispensers are water coolers that stand upright. They are best suited for medium-sized families.

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Pros of Standing Water Dispenser

Standing water dispensers are more suitable for larger families.

These water dispensers generally have a higher water storage capacity and offer additional functions like cold, warm or hot water.

Cons of Standing Water Dispenser

The water dispenser cabinets are usually larger, taking up some floor space.

As these water dispensers are often placed on the floor, there is a risk of spilling water, so it is important to keep the water dispenser away from children and keep the water dispenser cabinet closed.

Under-counter Water Dispensers

Under-counter water dispensers are water coolers that can be installed under the counter, and it doesn’t take up much space as they are installed inside a cabinet.

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Pros of Under-counter Water Dispenser

Under-counter water coolers are suitable for larger families as they have a large water storage capacity.

The water cooler dispenser is installed under the counter, and it will not take up floor space. On top of that, water dispenser cabinets are generally small in size, which will not take up much of your kitchen or cabinet space.

Cons of Under-counter Water Dispenser

Installation of under-counter water dispensers may require water lines, resulting in hiring a professional water installation company.

Tank or Tankless Water Dispensers

Other than the different types of water dispensers, there are also two kinds of dispensers on how they dispense the water.

They are either tank (or bottled) or tankless water dispensers.

Tank Water Dispensers

The tank waster dispensers are commonly known as “bottled water dispensers.” As the name goes, it works by a water bottle that you have to fill up with water, and it will dispense water as needed.

These water cooler bottles usually come in 5 liters, 10 liters, and can go as much as 20 liters.

Tankless Water Dispensers

Tankless water dispenser works by water flowing directly from your water pipe. Some tankless water dispensers may also have water storage for hot water dispensing.

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Why Tankless Water Dispensers Are Better

There are many reasons why tankless water dispensers are better:

You will always have a constant water supply. Full water bottles can be heavy, so it will not be easy to refill water bottles constantly.

There is no need to store water bottles. Most owners will have around 5 to 10 bottles at home, and they need to cater a space for these bottles.

The water filtration systems can be installed under the counter or on top of water cooler cabinets. Instead of having a tank (or bottled), it works by water flowing from water pipes.

Tankless water dispensers are generally cleaner and less likely to build up bacteria.

As you can see, there are many varieties of water dispensers and how the water can be dispensed.

If you are looking to buy a water dispenser, your choice will depend on various factors like your available space, interior design and your budget.

However, whatever your choice, we recommend that you look for a tankless water dispenser as they are more practical for a modern family.

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