3 Reasons To Exclusively Use Purified Water For Meal Prep

3 Reasons To Exclusively Use Purified Water For Meal Prep

Anyone who enjoys or is responsible for making the family’s meals will know the importance of water and its vital role in the kitchen, starting with washing produce and other ingredients to serving as an ingredient itself for a variety of dishes and beverages. As such, it is incredibly important to use safe drinking water for all things meal prep to ensure you can always whip up the perfect meal for your loved ones. Below, we go over the benefits of only using purified water and how it elevates your homemade dishes to a whole new level.

1. Thoroughly clean your ingredients

Produce goes through a long process before it reaches your kitchen, from being harvested to the source to getting transported to your local stores and finally getting picked off the shelves. In this journey, not only can they be contaminated during their growth phase by pests and other sources, but the exchange of hands they go through as they get nearer to the consumer also increases their contamination risk. Moreover, this risk does not end after being purchased as they can still be contaminated due to inadequate storage or during meal prep itself.

Of course, this is why washing your ingredients is such an important step. However, if you use anything other than safe and purified water, this process may not prove helpful since the water used may still contain contaminants that can stick to the ingredients. Therefore, whether you are washing ingredients or using water in your dishes, switching to purified water not only improves safety but also taste, as explained in the next section.

2. Achieve consistency in the flavor

Water can have a slight yet noticeable impact on the flavor of the dishes you make. Think back on whether you have tried a dish made by friends and family and picked up on something you can’t quite put your finger on, or if you have a staple dish you love to make yet notice that its flavor slightly changes each time despite using the same recipe. This is because the water used in cooking carries over into the dish, hence the subtle yet noticeable odd taste. Thus, by using purified water, which is completely free of flavor-altering contaminants, you can ensure that the flavor of your cooking comes out as expected and maintain better accuracy and flavor in your meals.

3. Dish out better baked goods

If baking is part of your family’s daily kitchen activities, even slight missteps can lead to the baked goods not turning out as desired. But even if you stuck to the recipe to the T and double-checked all your measurements, there remains the chance of them not tasting as expected. If you are certain that the cause is not yourself, it may be time to look at other factors involved, such as the water you used.

Chlorine, calcium, magnesium, and many other minerals are only some of the contaminants that may be present in your existing water source and affect the other baking ingredients like yeast. They can potentially alter the gluten structure of the dough and hamper the fermentation process. Purified water is free of such contaminants, so you can be more confident that your baked goods look and taste as intended.


Purified water goes beyond daily consumption and is also beneficial in the kitchen. By using purified water in your meal prep and dishes, you can significantly reduce the risk of contaminants affecting the flavor of your meals, compromising their safety, and even messing with your baked treats.

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