Here's Why You Need A Water Dispenser For The Office

Here's Why You Need A Water Dispenser For The Office

We are now close to 2 full years post-pandemic, and employees all over the globe are heading back to the office. While it is true that many organisations are beginning to adopt a flexible or hybrid work model, it is also undeniable that employees are spending more time in the workplace than they did 2 years ago when the pandemic had first struck.

Therefore, considering this, it is imperative for business owners and managers to prioritise ensuring that the right facilities are available in the office. Among the most important and useful facilities that any workplace can have is a hot and cold water dispenser for the office. To find out why you need to invest in a water dispenser for your office space, keep on reading!

1. Added convenience

Have you ever wanted a hot cup of joe in the morning but didn’t have the time or didn’t want the hassle of having to boil the kettle?

With a hot and cold water dispenser, this will no longer be a problem! You will not need to wait for the water to get hot for an extended period of time because it boils instantaneously. All you need to do is to grab a cup and dispense it!

This helps to save a ton of time and your employees can get back to their desks in a jiffy after whipping up the perfect brew.

2. Boosts productivity

We have all heard the saying that drinking water is great for you. That is why it is recommended to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day!

But did you know that drinking water can actually improve brain performance and boost productivity and energy levels? When the body is dehydrated, one’s heart rate and body temperature can rise significantly, which may lead to pain and headaches. This may impair one’s ability to think clearly or focus on tasks.

With a water dispenser, your employees will be able to stay hydrated throughout the day, which will improve how well they function at work.

3. Space-saving

For employees, fridge space at the office is incredibly valuable — whether it is for their lunchboxes or snacks. However, it is no secret that there is an eternal battle for space in the communal office fridge.

Water dispensers are fantastic for your workplace. They function as a kettle, filter, and water jug all in one! Essentially, you will no longer need your office kettle, water jugs or water bottles. Not only would this free up a ton of space in the communal fridge, but it would also mean that you would have more countertop space. Plus, if you opt for a countertop water dispenser, you will be saving floor space in the office as well.


And there we have it – 3 key reasons why you need a water dispenser for your office. Investing in such an appliance will undoubtedly leave your employees happy and hydrated!

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