Buying A Water Purifier? Avoid These 3 Most Common Mistakes

Buying A Water Purifier? Avoid These 3 Most Common Mistakes

Families ready to jump on the water purifier bandwagon don’t always have their priorities straight when shopping for options, and it’s common for many to focus on minor things like the aesthetics of the appliance and how it would fit in their homes. While these are also important factors that contribute to one’s purchase decision, they should not be the main aspects to consider when buying a purifier. Below, we go over the common mistakes to note when choosing a purifier water dispenser in Singapore to ensure you get the best drinking water for your household.

1. Neglecting to learn more about your water

The primary purpose of getting a water purifier is to filter out and purify your existing water source. Many folks incorrectly assume that water purifiers can handle all types of water, but this is not the case. While modern water purifiers now generally use multi-stage filtration techniques, no product can effectively remove all contaminants and organic chemicals found in a water source. As such, it is important to first test your water at home, know what types of harmful contaminants you’re dealing with, and only look into the water purifiers capable of eliminating them.

Besides producing healthy and safe drinking water, water purifiers also come with many other functionalities as companies introduce new innovations. Thus, failing to consider what else you’d want from a water purifier may result in you buying an excellent machine that only partially meets your water needs. For example, let’s say your household consumes plenty of hot beverages like tea, coffee, or baby formula. Neglecting this in your purchase decision or not doing enough research may lead you to choose a water purifier without precise temperature controls. This means you’ll have missed out on getting hot water at the right temperature for the drinks you love, all at a click of a button. While this may seem minor, it is nonetheless a life-changing quality-of-life feature that lets you get more value out of your water purifier.

3. Ignoring maintenance procedures and after-sales support

It’s not enough to buy a water purifier; it is also important to learn about the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance routine, warranty, and after-sales support. No one likes investing in a product that has hidden issues. Therefore, research and read reviews on the water purifiers you have your eyes on to learn about other people’s opinions and experiences with the product and its customer support. Avoid buying from brands whose customer service response is anything less than exceptional.

When it comes to maintaining your water purifier, the shop you purchase it from should give you all the information you need to know to conduct thorough maintenance, ideally with a demonstration to avoid any confusion about how it’s done. Maintenance instructions should also be easily accessible online should you ever lose the physical paperwork that comes with the product.


Although water purifiers are becoming more inexpensive by the day, many people consider them a considerable investment, hence the importance of being careful of the one you purchase. To learn more, check out our previous article for 5 FAQs about water purifiers.

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