How To Drink More Water: 4 Useful Hacks You Need To Know

How To Drink More Water: 4 Useful Hacks You Need To Know

One of the most important things for your health and well-being is drinking adequate water and staying hydrated. Without food, a person can survive for almost 3 weeks, but water is a very different matter. A person can only go so long without water, especially given the fact that our bodies are made from approximately 70% water. The body relies heavily on water to keep our electrolyte balance, control our body temperature, support cell health, and other functions.

Despite the importance of water, many still struggle to drink enough water regularly. Thus, we have compiled a list of 4 useful hacks that will help you drink more water!

1. Set a daily goal

Setting objectives encourage new habits, directs your attention, and supports maintaining your momentum in life. We can all agree that nothing is more satisfying than completing a task. So, if you struggle with drinking water during the day, setting a daily water intake goal may help you become more motivated to refill your glasses to achieve your goal.

You may consider setting some scheduled reminders on your phone throughout the day or using an app that helps you track your daily water intake.

2. Flavour your water

If you struggle with drinking water because you don’t like how it tastes (no judgment here!), consider trying to flavour your water with herbs, fruits and perhaps even some vegetables.

There are a ton of intriguing yet mouth-watering options available. For instance, you may opt for the classic lemon and cucumber-infused water to keep you refreshed in Singapore’s humidity or try a combination that is a little more creative like apricot and mint. The possibilities are virtually endless with this, and the only limit is your imagination. Just bear in mind that the longer you infuse these ingredients in your water, the more pronounced their flavours will be.

3. Replace other beverages with water

One of the easiest ways to drink more water is to replace all other liquids, such as iced tea, coffee, soda, and other beverages with just water. These drinks may seem to quench your thirst, but they do not offer proper hydration and are frequently loaded with sugar.

Not only is consuming so much liquid sugar hazardous for your health, but it also causes you to gain weight. You can increase your water intake, improve your health, cut back on sugar, and potentially reduce weight by substituting water for other drinks. So, the next time you’re sitting down for a meal and thinking of popping a can of soda, reach for a glass of ice-cold water instead!

4. Invest in water bottles or tumblers

If what stops you from drinking plenty of water is the hassle of having to constantly refill a 250-millilitre glass, then investing in water bottles and tumblers is your solution. You could also consider getting a bottle or tumbler that is marked. This visual reminder to drink more water will encourage you to hydrate yourself whenever you can.

Besides, you won’t just save time by not having to go to the kitchen every time you want a drink. You will also be doing your part for the environment! We don’t know about you, but that sounds like a win-win situation.


We all know how important water is for our general health and well-being. Staying hydrated can be challenging for some due to busy work schedules, the desire to drink something a little less bland, or simply forgetting to do so. Hopefully, with the 4 hacks we have mentioned, you will be on your way to drinking much more water!

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