Purified Water And Its Many Other Uses Besides For Drinking

Purified Water And Its Many Other Uses Besides For Drinking

Many people will have considered getting a modern water dispenser in Singapore for quicker and easier access to drinking water once or twice before. But since their current water source still does the same job of producing potable water for the household, many keep putting off their upgrade plans for later. In this article, we go over the many other uses of purified water besides hydration so you can be confident that your investment is well worth it for your family’s health.

1. Cooking and meal prep

Water is used extensively in the cooking process, from washing ingredients and as an ingredient itself to baking and so much more. While tap water is generally safe for cleaning ingredients, it may contain contaminants that ultimately replace those it washes away, diminishing the effectiveness of the entire process.

For cooking, using anything other than safe and purified water may cause unwanted tastes that alter the end result. The same applies to baking with the additional risk of your baked goods not turning out as expected since contaminants can affect baking ingredients like yeast.

Thus, using purified water for all kitchen work lets you achieve consistency in your flavours and put out more tasty dishes free of any contaminants down to their ingredients.

If you have one or a dozen fur babies at home, you know well how important their hydration is to their well-being. Since they have their own tastes, they can be picky about their water, just like in their food, and if they don’t like their water, they are more likely to become dehydrated. Giving them purified water can prevent this issue as it is free of any funny tastes that encourage them to drink more water.

Another benefit of providing purified water to your beloved pets is the additional protection it gives to their fur and skin by preserving their natural oils, which is particularly helpful for furry animals with skin conditions, allergies, and other sensitivities. This is because the lack of chlorine content means there is no risk of irritating your pet’s hair, skin, and even eyes.

3. Healthier plants and produce

If you keep a garden in your home or have a green thumb, clean water is among the many concerns you’ll face as you tend to your plants and homemade produce. Purified water is one of the best choices for this purpose, thanks to the absence of chlorine and other chemicals that could harm organic matter like plants. Some plants are also sensitive to certain minerals like fluoride, which may affect their growth.

4. Better longevity for appliances and homeware

If you have noticed more and more gunk and crust on your kettles, humidifiers, and other such appliances at home, the water you use to clean or wipe them down may be what is causing them. Unfiltered water contains dissolved minerals that build up crust and scale on your appliances, gradually diminishing their looks and effectiveness over time.

For instance, in the case of humidifiers, scale build-up can not only make it crusty, smelly, and mouldy to clean but also unhealthy to breathe in the air they generate. Therefore, using purified water that has none of the minerals that cause these issues means less time spent on cleaning and better longevity for your appliances.


Purified water is not just great for ensuring your family’s hydration and health; it also has many valuable uses, as discussed above. Thus, if you’re convinced to go the water purifier route, PureDew can help you find the high-quality water appliance that fits your needs! Browse our extensive collection of water purifiers for households, office environments, and commercial properties. No matter if you are looking for a Singapore water dispenser or drinking fountain with bottle filler, we are your one-stop shop for all your needs.

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