Water Up: 5 Signs You Need More Water In Your System

Water Up: 5 Signs You Need More Water In Your System

Water is a crucial part of our survival, given its importance in many bodily processes, such as flushing out toxins from the body, producing essential fluids like saliva, promoting regular bowel function, and so on. Thus, not sticking to the recommended daily intake of eight glasses of water can cause all sorts of adverse yet avoidable symptoms like dry skin, headaches, and fatigue. Below, we outline the 5 main signs your body needs more water for improved health.

1. Chronic bad breath

As mentioned, water plays a role in making saliva, which eliminates bacteria and maintains healthy teeth and gums. Not having enough water in your system inhibits saliva production and enables bacteria buildup in the gums, teeth, and tongue, causing bad breath that can persist despite practicing good oral hygiene. Thus, if brushing your teeth and using mouthwash doesn’t seem to do much to make your bad breath go away, your water intake may be the cause.

Water promotes regular bowel movement and good digestion by softening your stool and enabling its smooth passage through the digestive tract. Insufficient water in the body can affect this process as it instead pulls water from the stool to compensate for the loss of fluids, causing firmer and harder stools that are more difficult to pass. If your health is in good condition and yet you feel constipated, try increasing your water intake to relieve bloating and constipation.

3. Dry skin

Water hydrates skin cells, making the skin look more youthful, brighter, and vibrant. It even helps combat certain skin problems, such as acne, by purging harmful toxins from the body. Therefore, not drinking enough water leads to the skin losing its elasticity and plumpness, causing it to develop wrinkles and fine lines and become dry and saggy to boot. If no amount of beauty products seems to restore your skin’s appearance, the answer to improving your skin problems may be to simply drink more water throughout the day.

4. Fatigue

Overall fluid loss in the body can stem from insufficient water intake, resulting in decreased blood volume that puts more pressure on the heart to transport oxygen and other essential nutrients to your muscles and organs. Not having the necessary amount of water in the body can lead to experiencing bouts of fatigue as your body continues functioning on limited water reserves. Thus, if you always feel exhausted and sluggish despite constantly sleeping well, you may have to up your water intake immediately.

5. Sugar cravings

Since dehydration impedes the bodily processes that use glucose stores to restore energy, it can cause cravings for carbohydrate-rich and sugary foods. Sudden and unusual cravings for these foodstuffs may indicate that your body needs more water, not food. Thus, if you notice hunger pangs or sugar cravings despite being full, rehydrate and increase your water consumption as soon as possible.


Not having enough water in your body can bring about many symptoms ranging from simple food cravings to unexpected periods of extreme tiredness. To keep these kinds of problems at bay, make it a habit to drink more water in your day-to-day schedule.

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