Why Water Is Key To Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

Why Water Is Key To Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

With a new year upon us, many have a renewed motivation to get back on track with their fitness goals and finally see it to completion. Apart from revising which strategies worked and which didn’t so far, there is also the matter of one’s diet to look at, particularly in one’s water intake. In case you didn’t know, water plays a key role in losing weight, and below are the four ways it helps get you closer to your fitness goals.

1. Curbs your appetite

As you may have experienced before, drinking plenty of water before eating helps to curb your appetite since it takes up space in your stomach, making you go into meals already feeling somewhat full. This discourages overeating and contributes to your weight loss. Thus, drink a glass of water (or two!) before any big meal in your day or whenever you want something to eat to cut down on snacking as well.

2. Reduce excess calorie intake

The prevalent consumption of boba tea, Starbucks drinks and coffee, sodas and many other high-calorie beverages may very well be one of the top reasons hindering most people’s fitness efforts these days. And while we are not suggesting completely dropping all your favourite drinks, it is recommended to drink three extra glasses of water a day to substitute those beverages. Doing so goes a long way to speeding up your weight loss progress.

3. Burns extra calories

Many studies have discovered that drinking water aids in burning more calories. For instance, the National Library of Medicine published a study wherein a dozen people who drank 500 mL of room temperature and cold water saw a boost in their energy expenditure and burned 2-3% more calories than usual in the following 90 minutes. Water could also temporarily raise the body’s resting energy expenditure, i.e. the number of calories burned while at rest. Ice-cold water also boosts the body’s metabolism, making it a natural way to burn calories as the body works harder to warm it up.

4. Elevates your exercise routines

Water and exercise go hand-in-hand. Besides keeping you hydrated throughout a workout session, water keeps the body’s joints, muscles, and connective tissues moving correctly and helps the heart, lungs, and other organs work effectively while being active. Staying hydrated also helps to reduce fatigue and muscle cramps after you are done.


From a scientific perspective, there is no proof that a relationship between weight loss and water exists. With that said, plenty of evidence promotes water to be vital in shedding those extra pounds, given its numerous health benefits for many of our bodily processes. While there is no ideal amount of water consumption for weight loss, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine does recommend 3.7 and 2.7 litres of water for men and women, respectively.

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